About Our Company

STARTA HOUSE is specialized in turnkey projects using galvanized light gauge steel

STARTA HOUSES’s Steel Frame Business Solutions empower clients to profitably achieve fast, reliable, and automated production & construction capabilities while minimizing the need for skilled labor, resulting in fast project completion & improved product quality.

“Our solutions work because we have all the knowledge we need within our team.
We have building systems researchers, interior designers, CAD designers, engineers, machine control experts, technicians and on - site construction experts. We also have people who are good at listening to customers – we’ve always been driven by market needs, because a solution is only worthwhile if it delivers better productivity and quality to our customers.”

What We Do?
  • Turnkey Designs, including:
  • Drawings & Plans
  • 3D Modeling
  • Shop Drawings
  • Installation Guide
  • Calculation Notes
  • Costs Analysis
  • Turnkey Projects: Engineering, Procurement, & Construction (EPC)
  • Manufacturing of Light Gauge Steel Structure (Cold Formed Steel)
  • Building material
  • Global supply chain
  • Construction methodologies
  • Empowering and training local communities
  • Technical Support
  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Working close to markets
  • Rapid delivery of quality housing and community centers

Using internationally proven construction methods, STARTA HOUSE system offers advantages over traditional construction methods.

  • Light weight
  • Speed
  • Energy Efficient

Our systems allow for production of a variety of buildings, be it Residential, Industrial, Light Commercial or Institutional.

We are committed to working closely with our customers, even in the most difficult locations around the world.